Sunday, November 15, 2009

I See the Light!

Newborn stage, bottle and pacifier break, switching from a crib to a toddler bed...these are all things that require consistency and time when raising children. BUT... our little Abby went potty on her big girl potty two times in two days. This is HUGE! I see the light... I'm really trying to vision having all three kids house broken (a little humor). It really makes me excited to think that we may not have to purchase diapers soon... again, I'm seeing a small, faint light :) Yay for Abby!
These past couple of weeks have gone by so quickly because we've been so busy. We are so proud of the Preston Trojans and the Armstrong-Ringsted Mustangs. The Trojans lost last Thursday, but A-R won, and will play this Friday at the Dome. Go Mustangs!
Have a super week! Erica

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Lisa Holdgrafer said...

I soooo remember potty training Lukey!! He had to be "house broke" before Brad's 10th birthday ~ because I refused to do diapers a day longer than 10 straight years!! Good luck with Abby and remember you must celebrate with a new purse afterwards ~ it's so fun to finally carry a little cute purse instead of a big ol' ugly diaper bag!!