Sunday, November 15, 2009

I See the Light!

Newborn stage, bottle and pacifier break, switching from a crib to a toddler bed...these are all things that require consistency and time when raising children. BUT... our little Abby went potty on her big girl potty two times in two days. This is HUGE! I see the light... I'm really trying to vision having all three kids house broken (a little humor). It really makes me excited to think that we may not have to purchase diapers soon... again, I'm seeing a small, faint light :) Yay for Abby!
These past couple of weeks have gone by so quickly because we've been so busy. We are so proud of the Preston Trojans and the Armstrong-Ringsted Mustangs. The Trojans lost last Thursday, but A-R won, and will play this Friday at the Dome. Go Mustangs!
Have a super week! Erica

Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's Fall Time!

It's Fall and for the Felkey's that means leaves, leaves, and more leaves. We have two huge trees out front our house and we have a million and 10 leaves. The boys love to help. Hudson drives the 4-wheeler with a wagon tied up behind. Hayden loads the wagon and brings it to Anthony and me to the burn pile. Abby just jump and plays :) Anthony continues to help Holdgrafers in the evening, and is putting in many extra hours at Kunaus. This is such a busy season for him. We don't let it stop us, and we even join him once in awhile!
On Friday night I took the boys to the Clinton High School game. They were undefeated, and we hadn't been to a game yet. I am so fortunate to have David Johnson in my classroom right now two days a week. He is such a good kid, and an amazing athlete. It will be fun to watch him in college as well. The boys lost, but they had a great season. Speaking of football, the Preston Trojans won Friday night, and so they will play next Thursday at the Dome! Our hometown Armstrong-Ringsted also won on Friday night. If both teams win on Thursday we will play the following Friday in the championship game. What an exciting time! What about those Vikings?!? They too are having a fabulous year. AND... the Hawks (okay besides today).
Hudson had H1N1 a couple of weeks ago. He ran a 102.0 fever for three days, and was just absolutely miserable with body aches and feeling like junk! Abby has had a weird digestive issue for 2 weeks, and I'm still hacking away too. I DO believe we are all on the mend.
Hudson and Hayden are fabulous. Hudson was 'Bumble Bee' from Transformers, and Hayden was a Power Ranger for Halloween. Abby was a bouncing Tiger :) Hudson and Hayden both had conferences a couple weeks ago. We couldn't be more proud of them both!
School is good for me. I have conferences in a couple of weeks and then the Hoyers will be down for 'Thanksmas.'
We continue to have our house for sale. We really thought we had a family last week. They went to the bank, loved the house, but they just want to be in Bellevue. Its frustrating, but we're so fortunate we don't have to move like so many bazillions of people. We are in the process of zoning some land out by Geno's (which we are very excited about). We'll have 1 acre and it more out of town (but still in).. Its an awesome location! We had to be approved by the Jackson County Zoning Committee last Monday, and we were. That was step 1 of many. This Monday we have a meeting with the City of Preston. Our motto is, "Time is on our hands." Once we have the land, we can build when the house sells... it might be a year or 5 years... but at least we'll have it. That's what's going on the Felkey's lives! Take care everyone! Love, Erica

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's Been Awhile!

It's official... I'm a terrible Blogger (but I really do enjoy it)! Here's a little update date on 'The Preston Crew.' Life is busy... great, but busy! I'll start of youngest and work my way up. Abby is now 21 months. I thank God everyday that she is in our life. I love having a little girl, and she's such a sweetie. She talks a ton, and has been 'sassy' (pacifier) free now for 3 weeks. She's in toddler room at preschool now, and even sleeps on a cot there... she's just a big girl! She loves babies, princesses, and SHOES! Everything is, "Ohhhh preeettttyyyy" to her.
Hayden loves the Pre-K program, and is doing well. He loves his teachers, and has made many new friends. Hayden loves being outside, and is a huge help when it comes to raking leaves and hauling leaves to the burn pile. He ALSO loves to jump in them! He continues to be my jokester, and cracks us up 300-400 times a day.
It seems as if Hudson has grown a foot in the past couple of months. He too continues to love school and takes it serious. He loves to do 'bubble gum' math at school, and amazes me how well he knows his facts. Hudson loves football, and plays it at any chance he possibly can get. We let Hudson ride his bike to the grocery store the other day to get us some eggs. It was a huge in our eyes, but he's very responsible and did great. Out of the dozen, only 1 egg was broken :)
Anthony (remember I'm older.. ugh) is the busiest I think I've ever seen him. Kunau's is a tractor implement, so you can imagine how busy they are come Fall. He also helps our friends haul corn and beans after work. He continues to LOVE his Vikings, and looks forward to Sundays so he can root them on.
The start of the school year has been great. I have a great group of kids, and like always, its flying by. Preston started a group called PAC 4 Kids. My friend and I share the 'President' role so that keeps me plenty busy. Its a great organization which provides great benefits for our kids here in Preston.
I love reading about all of my blogging friends, and also facebooking. What a great way to reconnect with old/new friends!
Take Care... And Happy Fall, Ya' All!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A New Year

It's that time again for school to begin. Last week was my first week back. Monday-Wednesday was teacher 'stuff', and the kids came on Thursday. I am really enjoying my class. They are all so fresh and ready to learn. I just love their enthusiasm! Speaking of which, Hudson started 1st grade. He is really liking it, and is most excited about gumball math. He's reading like a mad man, and enjoys writing as well. Hayden starts preschool next Tuesday. Preston was awarded with the free preschool grant (insert clapping hands here). He is very excited about not having to take naps. When is it that we live for a nap now and then?!? Abby is great! She's talking up a storm, and still loves "horsies." Nothing else is new in the lives of the Felkeys. We hope all is well with everyone of our 'friends'.

:) Erica

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer 2009

Hi Everyone! I know its been awhile, but we've been super busy. Last time I left off we were headed to Florida! Florida was a blast. We went into Chicago on a Thursday, flew out on Friday, and flew back in the following Friday. The trip down was very exciting for the kids. They love flying! Abby's ears were bothering her (which by Tuesday led to an ear infection). I'm sure it wasn't related to the plane, but sure didn't help. Our pediatrician called something into a Super Target, and she was much more comfortable. While there we went to Sea World, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, The Gulf of Mexico, and Blizzard Beach. One day we stayed at our resort and just swam all day. It was a fabulous vacation, and many memories were made. When the boys are asked their favorite part they say, "The talking garbage can." Okay... so we did so many fun things and the talking garbage can was their favorite?!? Yikes!
Summer vacation is going really fast, and I'm starting to think about school. I went up to my classroom and worked for a couple hours yesterday. When I do that, I get excited to be back. BUT.... I LOVE being with the kids. Hands down to all the stay-at-home moms out there!!! :) Work is busy for Anthony right now. He's been doing some fishing, and every chance we get we're on the river. I think we're official 'river rats.'
Abby is getting big (well older anyway). She had her 18 month check-up this past week. She only weighs 21 pounds! At 18 months Hayden was 30! She's just a little peanut. She talks like crazy now, and continues to be on the go.
Hudson starts first grade in a few weeks and has a big '7' birthday coming up. Hayden starts 4-year old preschool this year. We're super excited because the school district of Preston got the preschool grant which allows him to go for free. Yay! It was an interesting process to receive it. I've been helping Preston get a 'PTA' going... Our name is PAC 4 Kids (Preston Area Cares 4 Kids). I think it will be a super organization that supports our Preston kids and teachers. My friend Sherri and I are c0-presidents. I'm enjoying it a lot so far. We have a food stand this Friday and Saturday to raise some money for an unpack the backpack night before school starts. We are offering a free meal to all families. Good times!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

5 million years

Grandpa and Grandma Felkey came to Hudson's special day at school
Hudson made a fabulous crow

Abby (now 17 months) at Preston Days

Anthony driving a Chopper in the parade. The boys rode with and threw candy

Hudson and Hayden both get to play t-ball this year!

Okay... I know its been 5 million years since I've blogged. I really enjoy doing it, I just find it hard to find 10 minutes to do so. I will be better :) All is great! School is out for summer. I love teaching, but I also really love being a full-time mom. I have said this before... I am a much better mom when working. We've already been park hopping and are gearing up for our vacation this week. We decided months ago that we were going to save up and take the kids to Florida. We are leaving Friday and will be gone a week. Anthony and I think this is more about seeing 'their' faces as to whether they will remember it or not. Needless to say we are really looking forward to it. We had practice over spring break flying with the kids to Montana, so we truly feel like pros (ha ha).
As most of you know we put our house on the market. At first we were thinking we wanted to move to Clinton. I rolled the van with Abby last year and this past winter I was a true chicken on snowy type days. We thought there would be so much more for us to do, etc... but now we're leaning towards staying in Preston. We still are selling our home and will look for different one. We shall see what becomes... Just call us wishy-washy Felkey's :) We know.. we know...

Tomorrow is the Bible School Program at our church. I taught 4- year - olds this year. If you haven't taught nine 4-year-olds before you should. 4th graders are MUCH EASIER :) I loved every minute of it though. Many good memories to share.

Blessings to all... I promise to a better blogger!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1 Tooth(less)

Our Hudson lost his first tooth tonight! Yeah for Hudson... He will be 7 in August, so we knew it was getting close. In fact, the other one has already popped through behind it, so we knew it was time. At first he was super chicken, but once I put on the magic medicine (AKA: a drop on infant Tylenol) he said it didn't hurt at all. Funny how that works, huh?!?
All is fine at the Felkey household. Life is busy, but good. We're looking forward for Spring... We're really hoping it means no more visits to Medical Associates for pediatrician appointments. Hayden has an ear infection in his 'bad' ear (the one that failed when he had his hearing checked). He was put on an antibiotic, and was in bed at 5:00 today. Poor Hootie :(
Miss. Abby is getting closer to walking. She took one step tonight. We call her lazy bones. She likes her brothers to do everything for her, and they do :)
Work is good for Anthony and I. I'm REALLY ready for spring break. I love my 19 darlings, but I'm ready for a break away from them... as I'm sure they are ready for a break away from me as well... (naaaaa).... :)
Happy Week All~